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 Fixtures in wood Tuscany

Portholes, sliding special

 Our frame can be customized by the customer or as design, painting and shape.

We make it fully customized with windows forms also details how portholes, ellipse, curved windows at low arch, arches, or 3-rays, and much more.

But even with special locks tilt, coplanar helical sliding trucks and decentralized, security locks, electronic, remote-controlled, etc..

 Fixtures in wood Tuscany

Alzante Scorrevole 4 ante curvo in piantaComplanare a 4 ante scorrevole opposteChiusure SpecialiFinestra 2a arcoFinestra con sopraluce
Finestra e portafinestra a bandieraInfisso SpecialeOblò 1 antaOblò a 2 anteOblò a bilico
Oblò a bilicoInfisso Scorrevole interno muroAlzante ScorrevoleSesto ribassato a bandiera con portafinestraSopraluce trapezoidali
Tutto sesto e sesto ribassatoVeranda apribile a misuraPortafinestra tutto sestoFinestra centinataComplanare a 4 ante scorrevole opposte
Finestra a tutto sestoTelai fissi centinatiAlzante Scorrevole curvo in piantaInfisso a bilicoPERSIANA 2 ANTE OBLO'
PERSIANA OBLO'foto 27foto 28foto 29foto 29
Falegnameria Bertagna
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Infissi in legno  Camaiore      Infissi in legno  Camaiore
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