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 Fixtures in wood Tuscany

interior shutters

 The 'Typical Fixture Toscano, was characterized throughout history, the presence of the typical "Blinds" attached to the inside of the window, which sometimes went to replace the tent or internal or external such as frame or Persian impostone .

We make these shutters in all types of wood required, with particular attention to design, even taking up the shutters already existing once with the subdivision Tuscan as the window, with simple or processed draft with lacquer finish, aged, or etched In short the asset becomes dark and style within your home.

 Fixtures in wood Tuscany

Scuretti in massello bozzati lavoratifinestra con scuretti e bastoneScuretti Scuretto rusticoScuretto bozzato
Scuretto laccato con torcettoScuretto suddiviso come il toscano
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