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Glass doors and Vetragi

sliding doors Tuscany

Interior doors entirely by glass doors, sliding filomuro. Vetragi and wall units,wardrobes and many other types possible to decorate any room with style.

Product design and high technology that arise from the fruit of experience in design in the furniture industry and the processing capacity of aluminum. Real furniture systemsin those areas where it is necessary to separate without dividing. Products in which the protagonist is the door being used, but if enriched design, precious materials forlightness and flexibility, such as aluminum, glass and reflections in the facets of colorsand wood, the door becomes' piece of furniture for excellence. Thus furnishingsystems that range from simple door with opening doors, large sliding doors to full height, the doors that disappear because they complement rather with the wall and disappear into the same brick, the walls built by rack equipped. The door always on top, the star of design, everyday companion.

INSIDE THE NS. SHOW ROOM you can see these wonderful products.

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